Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes, it's true! In under two short weeks, my brand new website has amassed over ,100 visits from websurfers like you, who live far and wide, and who have endured untold hardships in order to find my new website because you worship and adore me. Nobody can take those triple figures away from me. I have earned my leading comma, and I'm bloody well going to show it.

Thank you all. It's great to be back among the ranks of the blog-enabled. I would also like to thank my Mom.

With utmost sincerity and gratitude, but without being gushy or maudlin,
- Truthful Cooper


Joanne Casey said...

Congrats, Coop. I'm sure it took me a few months to reach my first ,000. Well done!

Soda and Candy said...

COMMA 100? what does that mean???

(sorry to be the loser who ruins the joke by needing it explained)

Cooper Green said...

Thanks, Joanne. It's interesting to see how many blogs disappeared during the time I was inactive. Nothing sits still.

Sweets, it means I only need 900 more hits before numbers start showing up on the other side of the comma. Might take a week or two, but I'm ready.

Joanne Casey said...

Cooper, I think people killed themselves when you went on the break, thinking you were gone for good. Sorry to make you feel bad.