Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr. Green;

My client, Jozef Ratzinger (aka Pope) wonders if you have ever heard the phrase 'eternal damnation'. Also, he wishes to suggest that you never utter another word, any word, to anyone ever again. Are we clear? Nod twice for yes.

Yours truly,
Swanee Chickpea Gloria Dross-Hammer
Attorney At Law


Simon said...

I don’t think the ‘eternal damnation’ thing was necessary. Just ‘are you familiar with the phrase ‘God smote him.’? It’s more immediate.

Some Guy said...

This firm sure has a bunch of ball-busters working at it. Pay them no mind, CG.

Cooper Green said...

Smoting ... damnation ... they both seem kind of negative. Chris, I'm just glad they all deal with the same firm.