Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gonzo, Dog

Yes, it's true. We're hitting the road for a while to visit family. With luck and Photoshop permitting, I will post occasional family photos so you can see for yourself exactly how fabulous the Green clan really is. See you when we're back.


Duncanr said...

Oi !!!

I've only just 'found' you and now you're going to bugger off.

Jeez, what way's that to treat your fans ???

P.S. have a great Hol, CG

nursemyra said...

Is that car roadworthy?

Cooper Green said...

No worries, Dunc, you're talking like I'll never be back. Maybe you've seen me drive.

Myra, it's roadworthy but not particularly legal. Four seatbelts and 37 clowns - that's a ticket magnet.